When we tried the Star Energizer, we had already done quite a bit as far as learning about each other's strengths and weaknesses and sometimes divergent perspectives. The Star Energizer gave us a different angle from which to deal with these things. We appreciated the thought-provoking results, and that there was an opportunity at the website to go further. The biggest benefit came from the discussions that ensued in the process - both as to what each of us thought the words meant, as well as where we agreed and disagreed on scoring them for each other.

The STAR Energizer

The STAR Energizer stimulates people to discover who they are so they can flourish and be successful. It is neither a personality inventory nor a psychological evaluation but rather an assessment tool measuring our emotional response to the way we think about being successful.

When someone interested in relationships wants to produce at higher level corporately, personally, or spiritually, the STAR Energizer targets the place where success begins--IN THE MIND. It encourages successful thinking to promote responsible decision making, so we can experience what our hearts long for. When we understand how we're thinking, we can better see where we're reall headed on any life stage.

The value of using the STAR Energizer

Our thinking processes are a lot like getting to the summit of a mountain. Some paths can take us off course, limiting our ability to get to the top and enjoy the best view possible. By pointing toward preferred thinking patterns and success builder used to reach life's mountain tops, the STAR Energizer operates like a Global Positioning System to guide us on a track of personal growth. It also provides first hand knowledge of unsuccessful thinking patterns and success blockers taking us off course. There are times when tough calls and transitions must be made to be responsible and successful. The Energizer's value is in increasing your confidence and competence to make those calls and thrive.

Jerry PriceJerry Price MA is a professional counselor, consultant, author and seminar leader on various topics associated with marriage, the family, and issues related to how twisted thinking can affect personal as well as organizational relationships. He's authored the book Transforming Twisted Thinking, The STAR Energizer E Book and Co Authored Beyond Betrayal and also the fictional story of a man’s journey to responsible manhood. Jerry has his own private practice.

In 1990, as a specialist in Forensic Counseling, Jerry developed an original and effective treatment module for the criminal population in Sheboygan, WI, while working with the Sheboygan County Social Services. That change process included renewing a person's thinking in the context of relationship and accountability. For years, he's been applying those same principles to marital and family conflicts, people struggling with habitually irresponsible behaviors, and consulting organizations looking to reinforce employer/employee relationships.

With over 50 years of speaking, teaching, and counseling, Jerry also created the STAR Energizer to help anyone unlock the secrets of being successful in the context of any professional or personal relationship. He and his wife Judy, married for 50 years, are the parents of 3 adult children and have 9 grandchildren.