I have known Jerry Price personally and professionally for over 18 years and recently took his STAR ENERGIZER assessment. The ENERGIZER is a great tool for a number of reasons. First, it is very simple to use and can be completed in a short amount of time. Second, it is amazingly accurate. When I got the results, my reaction was, 'That's me! How did Jerry do that?' Third, the results are clearly presented in detail--both graphically and with written text. And Jerry is readily available to enhance this part of the assessment through direct consultation if desired. After speaking with Jerry about my results, I understood how I can apply them to more successfully tackle a long-standing problem in my life.

When I take the Star Energizer, can I understand the data without a consultation?
The Energizer is self standing in the sense that the data you see can be understood without a consultation but it is certainly beneficial to go further in getting an explanation of how it all works together.
How long does it take to do the evaluation?
Depending on the person, it takes about 15-20 minutes to take an Energizer evaluation. Some people may spend more time on it but the general consensus on taking the Star Energizer is that it is a fun experience.
What will I see on my evaluation?
You will see your top 5 successful thinking patterns used in making good decisions and the top 5 unsuccessful thinking patterns used when failing in good decision making. You will see where your Star Power is in relationships and where you have conflict due to a particular fear keeping you from being effective in life pursuits. You will see how open you are in your thinking and how to regulate being consistently open within your relationships. You'll be able to see what saps personal energy needed in pursuing your values and passions.
When I take the Energizer is the information confidential?
Yes. You will receive your own ID code to take an Energizer and when it's time for you to view the results, another print out ID code will be assigned keeping the results private and confidential.
How accurate is the STAR Energizer?
It's as accurate as it can be. Taking the Star Energizer depends on you. If you are open and honest, what you will see is accurate. If a person taking the evaluation isn't open or honest, the Energizer will still measure where a person is at during the time they take the evaluation.
If I'm having a problem taking the Energizer, can I get help?
There are directions throughout the Energizer to help you on your way but if you still have a problem, you may email Jerry Price at jp@jerryprice.net or call him at 541-678-2552 to correct any concerns.
Can I print out my results?
Only after a print out ID code is assigned to you can you do so. That can happen after you contact Jerry Price through email or call him at 541-678-2552. The print outs are in color and you are encouraged to enjoy the full color presentation of your evaluation. Once you receive your print out ID code you may continue to go back to the Energizer you've taken to print out as many copies as you'd like.
Can I write what my reflections are on taking the Energizer?
Yes, you are encouraged to email Jerry Price and let him know how taking the Energizer helped you. Your response may be used on the web site and if you'd like to give your name and occupation, you may. You also have the option of only initializing your comment.
What if I'm having a problem with the internet when taking the Energizer?
If for some reason, your internet provider shuts down or has some problem we'll work to make sure you have your Energizer results one way or another. Again, you may email Jerry Price or call him at 541-678-2552 to work through any concerns and get a Direct Response.
Is the Energizer a personality inventory?
No. It is a personal evaluation of the way you think through life and make decisions to be successful.
Will it help to get another person's view on the way I evaluate myself?
Yes. There are other packages available on the Energizer to do so. We have a Basic Support Energizer which allows a trusted friend to evaluate you. To help in cutting the cost with this, there is a Basic Assessment Pack offered which has your evaluation and the Support Energizer included in it. Then there is a Partner Package where couples can evaluate themselves and each other to get a balance on how they function within the relationship.
Will taking the Star Energizer fix me?
No. It will stir up your thinking and begin a change process where you fix yourself.
If I want to go further in understanding my STAR Energizer, what do I need to do?
If you would like to go further in understanding your STAR Energizer, you may go to www.jerryprice.net and select the area on the Order Page which suits your need, or select the "Contact" icon on that site to make your request.